For my 8th birthday my mom handmade a neon tracksuit as a present for me, with material that I had selected. I was very chuffed and I stood in the garden for her to take my picture. I loved the thought of making such a bold fashion statement. The only things missing was the side-pony-tail and the white PEP Stores plimsolls!

I also wanted a turn with the camera though... My mom hesitated. Even though hers wasn't top-of-the-range it was still an expensive piece of equipment and those were the days when everything had to be developed - no digital photography, no editing, no retakes. But she gave it to me nevertheless and I took one of her with my brothers.

When the developed pictures arrived, my mom said; "This is actually a very good shot."

That's when the obsession started.

 The first of many...

The first of many...

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Born and raised in South Africa, then lived in Scotland for 5 years, currently living in England, and planning my next place of residency in a few year's time - which could be anywhere from Holland, Tasmania or Canada. Only time will tell. I love to travel but have found that the best way to experience different countries is to live and work there. You have a much better experience with getting to know the different cultures and seeing a lot more than what you would on a two week holiday!

If you would like to know any more about what I have to offer, please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions!